What is Twyne?
Inspired by Chris Gethard's "Beautiful Stories From Anonymous People", Twyne is an online community full of unique individuals looking for conversations. Through our service you can connect anonymously with another member of the Twyne community for engaging conversations.
How does Twyne work?
After registering and validating your phone number, you can call into our system and you will be anonymously connected with another Twyne member. Your phone number will be masked and the other user will never know your identity unless you choose to share it.
What does Twyne cost?
During Beta tests every user will be given a free hour of talk time. Once that hour has been used a survey will be sent to that user to gather feedback. While we are recieving valuable feedback, we will continue to provide free talk time.

When we do start accepting payments for the service, members will be able to purchase talk time in various increments to add to their account. Talk time does not expire.
Will this just become a phone sex service?
If you encounter any unwanted conversation which is inappropriate, rude, or abusive during your Twyne conversation please report it. All reports will be taken seriously and members will be banned if there are enough serious issues. Our goal is to ensure that Twyne is a safe space for everyone.